Welcome to my research lab. I tend to like to research and write for an audience (even if they never see it), So I’ve broken down each of these pages into a couple of parts. Feel free to browse around. Some of the pages are a work in progress so don’t mind the mess. To get a list of the research projects, just click the Research menu above.

Here’s how I break down my research:

Grasshopper – Just the basics
When you are done here, you’ll know enough to get in trouble. Simple things like

  • observing high level discussions.
  • nodding your head at appropriate times without looking like you’re faking it.
Journeyman – The deep diveSo you’re serious about this? Get through this and you’ll

  • get a pass into deep discussions without looking stupid
  • qualify for the G33k of the W33k Award.
Master – Venturing out on your ownHold your head high, it’s time to prove yourself. Here you’ll find tools for

  • additional research
  • frameworks, libraries and tools
  • community support

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